I thought some of our readers may be interested in the role of a Central City School Board Member.  Following the members pledge, I have added a few more personal challenges for myself.


  1. I will keep myself informed about the school system’s history, challenges and current operations.  I will read the materials sent to board members and ask for additional clarification if I think that I do not have adequate information to make an informed decision.
  2. I will attend board and committee meetings regularly and make doing so a priority because I know this board needs the full participation of its members to govern effectively.  I will also make attending board retreats and/or other training opportunities a priority in my schedule because I know that doing so is an important responsibility
  3. I will work hard to understand my own roles and responsibilities as a board member and those of the superintendent and other administrative staff in order to provide appropriate oversight without interfering or micromanaging in areas that are not the board’s responsibility.
  4. I will participate with an open mind and an objective perspective in the consideration of issues before the board.
  5. When carrying out my roles and responsibilities as a board member, I will put aside my parent role (or any other role I may have in relation to the school system) and my personal agendas and pledge to actively work only toward those decisions and solutions that are in the school system’s best interests
  6. I will respect the confidentiality of all confidential information related to school personnel and that business discussed in executive session.
  7. As a board member, I will honor the principles of “no surprises”, and expect that my fellow board members and superintendent will do likewise.
  8. I will actively support our superintendent and will demonstrate that support within the school community.  If I have differences of opinion or concerns, I will address them with the superintendent directly but privately, rather than using inappropriate channels of communication.
  9. When confronted with problems or concerns brought to me by others (including parents), I will apprise the superintendant of the situation rather than trying to deal with it myself.

10. I will be an advocate for the school system in our community by supporting it publicly and helping others to understand the important contribution it makes to our parish.


  • Understand the difference between governing and managing
  • Serve as a ambassador of the school system
  • Serve as a consultant and advisor
  • Understand the need for school system goals
  • Actively support the superintendant
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Ask the hard questions
  • Be a attentive listener
  • Attend board and committee meetings
  • Tell the superintendent of concerns immediately
  • Refer complaints to the principal or superintendent
  • Approve Budgets
  • Evaluate the Superintendent
  • Authorize payment of bills by superintendent
  • Adopt Personnel Policies
  • Adopt staff development and assignment policy
  • Approve major repairs
  • Make decisions of Hiring/Firing teachers & principals
  • Think of his children’s children
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